Wheat Germ Cuticle Revitalizer Complex Oil

Moisturizes and protects the cuticles and nails
Natural oil blends provide antioxidant and healing properties
Panthenol and Vitamin B-5 replenish and deliver vitamins and nutrients directly to the nail matrix via the cuticle

A unique natural complex blend of wheat
germ oil, safflower oil, grapeseed oil, sesame oil, calcium, vitamins to nourish, moisturize and promote the growth of natural nails.

Client Home Maintenance: Use 3 to 4 times per week

Papaya Green-Tea Cuticle Revitalizer Complex Oil

Green Tea is a natural antioxidant
Softens and moisturizes dry cuticles with papaya extracts
Fresh scent, available in lotion and sanitizing balls

The addition of papaya extracts and green tea combined with the unique natural complex of safflower oil, grapeseed oil, sesame oil, calcium and vitamins provide moisture, nourishment and protection essential for natural nail growth with an irresistible fragrance.

Client Home Maintenance: Use 3 to 4 times per week


Apple Cuticle Remover With Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acid

Gently removes dead cuticle skin quickly and naturally without pushing and scraping
Simultaneously adds needed moisture as it exfoliates cuticles

Made up of various alpha hydroxy acids including malic acid from apples to non-toxically, non abrasively break down the residue of dead skin cells that builds up or thickens around the skin. Removes dead skin without pushing back cuticles.

Client Home Maintenance: Can be used daily or as needed


Mango Hand Peel

A rich complex, which creates a gentle exfoliation process by lifting dead cells from skin's surface
Micro beads are made up of natural Jojoba (no plastic or pumice)

Vital for any hand lift or hand facial to reveal softer, healthier looking hands.

Client Home Maintenance: Use daily on hands, feet or body

Kava Root Elixir Callus Remover

A unique blend of kava root, fruit acids, alpha hydroxy and many other rich & vital botanicals
An effective elixir to remove dry dead skin layers from the roughest feet or hands

Callused areas can be treated to bring back the beautiful natural state the skin was once in.


Milk & Honey Sea Salts For Pedicures

Hydrating and exfoliating benefits of Milk & Honey
Oil and salt blend will remain suspended and pre-mixed. No oil separation on top

Sea salts, rich in minerals, start off by exfoliating and then "round-off" to create a polished finish. The sea salts completely dissolve and will not clog jets or drains.

Client Home Maintenance: Can be used daily on feet or body


Earth Stone Lava Pumice

100% sanitizable
Lifetime guarantee

Smoothes the roughest skin on hands and feet. Can be immersed in any sanitizing liquid or solution.



Lemon Skin Lightening Serum

Natural Skin & Pigmentation Lightener
Kojic Acid and Lemon extract gradually reduces and lightens pigmentation with the addition of home maintenance

Penetrates the skin layers, transforms uneven skin tone, age spots and discoloration. Retextures as well as aiding in recovery from UV damage.

Client Home Maintenance: Daily until desired result is achieved, then one to three times a week as needed

Grapeseed Hand Anti-Oxidant Oil

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Grapeseed Oil is a natural anti-oxidant and is enriched with vitamin A, B-5, D and E

Renews skin's appearance so it appears smooth, hydrated and younger looking. Can be used with cotton gloves, moist heated towels or heated mittens. Can be used before paraffin wax treatment. (For a more intense treatment apply anti-oxidant oil and place hands in cotton gloves overnight).

Client Home Maintenance: Use daily


Forté Nail Strengthener

No Formaldehyde or toluene
The first nail strengthener to guarantee longer, stronger natural nails

Natural Botanical Horsetail Grass gives the perfect amount of "nail flexibility" which prevents the problems of cracking and splitting. The active botanicals create a durable and protective bond with the natural nail surface.

Client Home Maintenance: 1 to 2 times per week




Lavender Environmental Hand Protection Lotion With Zinc Oxide

Heals, soothes and calms your skin from the damages of the sun and the environment
Contains micronized zinc oxide along with a blend of anti-oxidants, vitamins and collagen to act as an environmental barrier

A silky lavender moisturizer that leaves the skin in beautiful condition and deeply hydrated like nature intended.

Client Home Maintenance: Use daily on hands, feet or body

Papaya Green-Tea Environmental Hand Protection Lotion With Zinc Oxide

Anti-oxidants, vitamins, marine plant collagen, papaya extracts place moisture back into the skin
A revitalizing anti-oxidant combination

Renews and deeply hydrates for soft, smooth and silky skin.

Client Home Maintenance: Use daily on hands, feet or body


Milk & Honey Butter Blend For Hands And Feet

A Non-Oily, intense hydrating treatment for silky smooth skin
Honey extract, a natural humectant, moisturizes and adds vital nutrients, with a soothing scent of Milk & Honey

Client Home Maintenance: Use daily on hands, feet or body

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