A soothing soak, nail shaping and removal of excess cuticle with gentle tea-tree exfoliate followed by a soothing hand massage. An application of nail polish of your own choice is applied as the finishing touch.


Relaxed your feet with a scented soak to refinish and rehydrate, nail shape and cuticle groomed and callouses smoothed followed by a gentle exfoliation. Enjoy a basic foot massage.

Spa Pedicure

This soothing treatment begins with a rehydrating concentrated foaming scented soak followed by a pedicure. Relax and enjoy an Indonesia traditional exfoliate scrub with natural blend of lemon with essential oils, helps removes impurities and dead damaged skin cells. Finishes with a gentle massage with essential oils of peppermint, cubeb and lemon lotion to soothe and relieve tiredness.

Pedicure Paraffin Treatment

Experience a wonderful relaxation and renewal. Escape from stress as your feet is bathed, pedicured, sterilized then exfoliated. Deep with rich tea-tree warm paraffin wax, leaves skin looking younger, moisturized and soft. Helps rehydrates, relieves arthritis, pain and dryness.

Creative Spa Manicure

SpaManicure products are technologically unique, designed to make each and every manicure a memorable experience, providing long-lasting benefits to the hands. Vitamins, ceramides,and an alpha-hydroxy acid citrus complex work together to help reduce visible signs of aging and leave hands feeling exceptionally smooth and ultra-moisturized. Each product is touched with a refreshing citrus fragrance which leaves one with a feeling of revitalization and well-being. Try SpaManicure and see how an ordinary manicure can be transformed into an extraordinary experience.

Creative Spa Pedicure

Bring the soothing touch of the sea to your feet with SpaPedicure. SpaPedicure prodcts are over-flowing with marine alpha hydroxy acids, mineral-rich seaweed, sea salts and aromatherapeutic oils. Together, these ingredients and the special SpaPedicure technique transform and renew the feet. Breathe deeply, lay back, and indulge the most neglected part of your body with some well-deserved pampering that will last long after you've left the spa or salon. Transport your senses, delight your soul and give your feet a very special treat with a SpaPedicure.

Collagen Treatment

Collagen treatment help exfoliate, nourish, hydrate and moisturize the skin. Give your skin the treatment it deserves. Make your Ordinary Spa Extraordinary.

Manicure For Man

This treatment begin with a scented soak to moisture your nails, shaping, cuticle trimmed, buff and shine followed by a gentle exfoliation. Enjoy a soothing massage of Lavender hand cream with zinc oxide to moisture and soften your hands.

Pedicure For Man

Feel the tension slip away while you enjoy a complete scented soak in our aromatic food bath. Toe nails and cuticles are trimmed along with the removal of rough and dead skin on your feet, followed by an exfoliate scrub. Finish with a soothing Lavender foot cream to moisture and soften your feet.

Acrylic Nail Services

  • Full Set Creative White Tips
  • Full Set Acrylic White Tips
  • Acrylic Overlay
  • Full Set 3D Acrylic Design (Exclusive)
  • Full Set Fiberglass White Tips

Gel Nail Services

  • Full Set Gel White Tips
  • Full Set Gel Tips

Gentlemen Services

  • Trim
  • Shape + Shine
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Pedicure + ½ hr Massage

Other Nail Services

  • Shape & Polish
  • Buff & Polish
  • Buff & Shine
  • Gel Coating

  • French Polish
  • Buff & Polish + French
  • Two-Tone Polish
  • Polish Change
  • UV Top Coat
  • Glitter Top Coat

  • Soak Off
  • Per Soak Off

  • Per Nail Repair
  • Extra Corn Cut

  • Nail Art
  • Decal Transfer